How To License Images

For Commercial or Editorial Use

How To License an Image for Use

All the images on my websites and on my portfolio are Copyright © Thomas Fitzgerald. In order to use any of my images you need to have a license from me which allows you to use my images.

Should you want to enquire about licensing any of my photographs just send me an email or use the contact form below. In your email just let me know the following information:

  1. How you intend to use the image (ie. Print, Web, TV, Magazine etc)
  2. If it's a magazine or other printed piece, how big the print run will be
  3. Your Approximate Budget
  4. Any other requests / information that you might have

My licenses are generally rights managed, and some will only be available for use as Editorial. I'll try do my best to work with you if you have specific requirements, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Name *
Include a link to the image you are asking about
How you intend to use the image (Print, Web, TV etc)
How big a budget do you have? What's your expectations on cost?
If it's for sale or print, how many do you expect to sell / print
Any additional information / requests

Because of the new EU Vat Law around selling digital goods between states, I can currently no longer offer self fulfilment sales of digital images. If you want to license an image contact me (see above), and I will send you a quote.

How to Buy Prints

Prints are available through my Gallery and Archive for selected Images. To buy a print simply select the image you want and click on the add to cart button, or the little cart icon at the bottom of the image. Then you simply select the size you want, and proceed to the checkout. Some images will require some cropping depending on the print size, and this is done at the checkout stage.

Print handling is done by a professional print lab, Loxely Colour in Scotland. Prints will ship directly from them to you.