Every now and then there is a kind of weather that we get here in Ireland that I really love. Where I live, we're sort of in the foothills of the Dublin mountains, and during the summer, sometimes we get a kind of misty cloudy rain, that has a real mountain like feel to it. It reminds me of so many episodes of the X-Files which took place in forest settings of Canada, and it has a real frontier feel to it, even though we're still just in a superb of the city. I always think of it as "Alpine" weather, even though this is probably just a name I've given it myself.

Anyway, we had one of those days over the weekend here in Dublin. We had been experiencing a very cold spring and winter, but a warm front had been moving in. We're now in a heatwave, and there's some lovely sunshine, but as the warm weather rolled in over the weekend, there was a period of "Alpine" weather as the cold air made way for the warm, and the mist and rain acted as a vanguard, pushing the cold out of the way.

To take advantage of this, I headed to a local park after the rain had passed, but the cloud was still low. Everywhere was covered with dew and raindrops and the light was a beautiful diffused gloom. Some people are depressed by this kind of weather, but I love it. It makes for some great photos too. Even though I was in a park, there are lots of wooded areas there, and here, after the rain, you could pretend you're in some distant mountain trail.

I got some lovely shots, armed "only" with my Sony A6000 and 50mm f/1.8. The light and scenery was also a perfect opportunity to use some of the presets form my Quick Lux 2 set. I mentioned before that I had designed them for this kind of "woodsman" setting, and the light and weather made for some perfect scenes for this kind of look.

Here are a selection from our little trip around the park's woodland trails. They're processed with some of the presets from my Quick Lux 2 set. (Mostly Quick Neg Basic 2 and QuickTrans Basic, for those who already have the set and are looking for ways to use it). Enjoy.