Snow Day

Snow in Dublin

Apparently, we’re in for some interesting weather over the next few days. We’re currently experiencing some unusually cold weather for this time of the year, and for the past week, the government agencies here in Ireland have been warning us of an impending serious weather event. 

If you’ve been watching the news wherever you are, you may have already read about the cold snap covering much of Europe. There has been snow in places like Rome and other major cities. It has been called “The Beast From The East” and it is a stream of freezing air coming across Europe from Russia. We have already had our first taste of it with some heavy (for us) snow over the past few days. But the worst is yet to come.

The “Beast from the East” is set to combine with a serious storm that is forming off the south coast of Ireland. This combined weather system is going to create some severe conditions, with heavy snow and storm force winds creating blizzard-like conditions over the next forty-eight hours. While this might not seem like a huge deal in countries where snow is a regular occurrence, here in Ireland we almost never get snow. 

As we wait for the impending snowmageddon, there was a brief let up yesterday, and so I headed out to the local area to get some pictures of the snow at that stage. I shot some video too, which I’m still editing, but for now here is a taste of some of the scenes around the area where I live. I may have over-processed these a little, as I was going for a slightly stylised look. Most of the images were graded to some extent using presets from my “Industrial Iron” collection. You can find this on my store.

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