Action Ducks

I was walking through a nearby forested park the other day, and I caught an interesting sequence of images. There is a large lake in the middle of the park and there’s always lots of ducks and seagulls there. At this time of the year it’s especially beautiful, as the autumn colours on the leaves give the waters of the lake a patchwork of green and gold.

At one end some of the ducks were busy cleaning themselves, and the light was falling on them in patches just between the breaks in the surrounding trees. The effect of the low sun looks almost like a golden spot light. I managed to catch some of them in action, and the result was a wonderful set of images. They almost looks like they were deliberately lit, but it was just the Autumn sunshine shining through the trees.

These were taken with a Sony A7II and a Canon 75-300mm lens, connected via a Metabones Smart Adaptor IV. The lens itself isn’t great and it’s quite old, but it worked fine for these shots. It’s another testament to how well the metabones adaptor works that I was able to autofocus and get these shots sharp.

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