Georgetown, Washington DC

Over the last little while I’ve been trying to sort out some of the ever sprawling mess that is my photo library. While sorting through a drive full of images, I found a lot that I had either forgotten about or wasn’t happy with the way that I had originally processed them. One particular set was from a trip I trip I took to Washington DC a few years ago, and in particular to the beautiful suburb of Georgetown.

Georgetown is a really beautiful little town in Washington DC. It’s a college town, but the streets are filled with leafy roads and sleepy houses. The main street of the town is a beautiful collection of old buildings with cute and interesting stores. I was only there for a short period, but it was a lovely time, and I really enjoyed it. I think my two fondest memories of the suburb were getting to try the Stephen Colbert Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and visiting the Georgetown Apple Store (Which mightn’t sound like much, but it’s a really beautiful store. It’s small, but it’s full of light and there’s something really nice about it.)

It was late in the evening and it was a particularly beautiful sunny day, and on our way back we wandered through some of the residential streets and I took some pictures of the gorgeous houses and the curious architectural details of the town. On the way back to our hotel the sun was going down and the buildings became lit with the fiery red of the setting sun.

These photos were shot using a Canon 5D Mark II and are all processed using FilmLUX for Lightroom.

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