Street Photo Diary Issue 19: Autumn In Dublin

After a topsy turvy weather ride this year, we finally had a few nice and sunny days here in Dublin, and I made sure to make the best of them. I managed to spend a good bit of time out shooting some street shots and I finally feel that my mojo is starting to come back a little.

Dublin is a small city, but there’s always something interesting to see here. There is a lot of construction work going on at the moment. So much so that it seems like the whole centre of the city is one big building site. Between the Luas extension (our city’s tram line) to the various new buildings being constructed, there is a lot of work going on. It’s hard to avoid, but it does make for some interesting photos.

The sunshine has really brought the colour in the city too. The greens of the trees and foliage, and the colours of buildings and even the people all shine in the early autumn light. And as it’s the beginning of autumn, the trees are starting to turn too. Already there are glimpses of gold, yellow and brown on the trees around the city. There are still lots of tourists about too, and that also brings a dynamic and life to the city.

For those curious, I used a few different cameras for these shots, as they were taken over a period of time. Most were taken with either the Fuji X-Pro 2 or my trusted and ageing Nikon D700. there’s some Sony A6000 in there too!

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