Street Photo Diary Issue 38: Pink is the new Black

Pink is the new black - street photography with a Fuji X100

I hadn’t had a chance to shoot some street photography in nearly a month, so I was happy to get out and shoot again. I wanted to try and practice and change up the way I shoot a bit, especially for street photography. I wanted to focus on things like shadows, and reflections, and be on the look out for something different to the type of things I normally shoot. I wasn’t hugely successful in changing my habits, but I still got a couple of shots I’m really happy with.

The best shots are usually the ones that are total flukes. Thats part of the joy and pain of street photography. Sometimes you’ll be very lucky, and other times you’ll be left frustrated with your results. The shot I got with the two people wearing pink as they crossed the road was a total random happening. It worked well, because it was a great juxtaposition of an older person and a young person, united by the colour pink.

You can see the video of how I shot these phots in the video above. These were all shot with an original Fuji X100. Processed in Lightroom using VSCO Film which is now discontinued :-(

Here are some more photos from this shoot…

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