Street Photography Diary: Issue 15

It's been a while since I've done one of these Street Photo diary posts. The last one was in March and it's now may. I haven't been doing as much street photography as I would like lately. For one, I was focussing on some writing, and getting my Iridient Developer book out. Secondly, because of all the lovely nature blooming around the city and the surrounding areas, I've been doing a lot more nature photography. I finally took my camera back to the streets recently though, and set about capturing the life around me.

Summer has come rather quickly here in Ireland. We've gone from being very cold to being very warm in the space of a few days. The summer has brought the crowds too, and the city has become very busy. For this edition, I focussed on just one area of the city, and tried to capture the faces in the crowd as they go about their business, as well as a few of the interesting distractions along the way.

The tram line construction is still going ahead at full speed. Most of the city is covered in roadworks, which, as I've said before, makes for some interesting challenges as well as opportunities. It's good for street photography, but for cityscape shots, it's made much of the city difficult if not impossible to capture at the moment. 

Camera of choice this time is my trusty old Nikon D700. For the most part they were taken wth the 50mm f/1.4 but a few were taken with the 28-300. Post production wise, I've tried to keep it simple, and avoided going for any "look". I've used some of my presets on a few images, including some unreleased ones that I'm working on.

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