Street Photo Diary: Issue 17 - Vintage Edition

As I mentioned on my main blog recently, I've been scanning in lots of my old negatives and slide film recently. One of the patterns that's emerged from looking at my old shots is that I had an interest in Street Photography even from the early days of my photographic interests. Of course I didn't know it was a genre called "Street Photograhy" at the time. I just like taking pictures around the city. Most of these were taken between 15-20 years ago, on my trusty Canon Eos 5.

It's really fascinating to look back. I can see some of the things that I do now we're obviously ingrained in me from an early stage. I can also see areas where I've improved significantly. I can see some of the things that I was doing wrong at the time (from a framing and technical point of view), which I wouldn't do now. I also realise that the lens I was using was pretty bad, although at the time I thought it was great. The other thing that's fascinating is how much the city of Dublin has changed in such a relatively short amount of time. I've written about this in more detail on my Streets of Dublin site.

Below is a collection of street photos from the time. Most of these were shot on Slide film, and that was mostly Kodak Elite Chrome. There is some print and black and white film used here too. I was only really beginning in Photography at the time, so there are quite a few technical errors in the images, and the lens I was using was quite soft too, so bear that in mind, but I think they still look ok all things considered. Anyway, enjoy!

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