More Adventures in Heppenheim

Last week I posted some black and white photos from my time in the little town of Heppenheim in the German countryside. I had taken a lot more photographs while I was there and I’ve finally had the time to go through them to my satisfaction. 

As I’ve mentioned before several times, Heppenheim is a beautiful little town with a very picturesque medieval quarter. The residents of this sleepy little town clearly love it very much as you can see a real sense of pride in the way the buildings are adorned with flowers and decorations. It’s such a lovely experience walking around it. Even outside the old part of the town, there are lovely flowers and decorations, and there seems to be roses everywhere.

Wile I was there, the weather was awful, with stormy rain showers every day. While this meant it was difficult to get out and explore, it did lead to some impressive clouds. One evening It did brighten up and there was a beautiful sunset over the town, which bathed the medieval buildings in a beautiful golden light.

Fuji X-Pro 2 & Nikon D700

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