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Capturing the Sights of a German Town & The German Countryside

left to complete all four seasons. I wonder if I will I get a prize? It was really warm for this time of the year, and it felt like summer, but the trees were still budding, and the cherry blossoms were still blooming. After a while, it’s hard not to capture the same thing over and over, especially as it is such a small place, but the picturesque buildings and town just cry out to have their photo taken. I also managed to capture a bit more of the countryside this time, as well as some evening shots of the town square.

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Travel Diary Issue 2: A Beautiful German City

In the previous issue of my travel diary, I talked about visiting the German city of Darmstadt on a dull day. I had deliberately gone for an industrial and rigid look to the photos for that piece, to enhance the mood of the dull weather. While this certainly suited the atmosphere, it does perhaps misrepresent the town of Darmstadt. During on the rest of my time there, the sun was out and the feeling couldn’t be more different. It’s actually a lovely city, and a very green one.

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Into the woods

During my recent stay in the German city of Darmstadt, I was scanning google maps one evening looking for places to go, when I noticed that down the road from where I was staying, there seemed to be a rather large area of forest. This was strange in and of itself, because where we were staying was in an industrial estate, with big modern buildings, but just down the road was a huge forest. 

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Staatstheater Darmstadt

While exploring the German Town of Darmstadt, I came across an impressive sight. I was walking out through the town, when I wandered into a large open square with a very unique looking set of concrete structures and an imposing, but starkly beautiful building down the far end of it. I had read about it previously in the guide books, but it was something else to see it in person. It was like something out of a science fiction movie. It was the Darmstadt State Theatre.

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