Ferry Docking in Oslo

I distinctly remember the cold that day. The temperature wasn’t terribly low, but the breeze blowing off the fjord made it feel pretty cold. As the sun slowly went down over the city of Oslo, my wife and I stood on the harbour watching the ferries come in and out, and despite the cold, we were hypnotised by the coming and going of the boats.

Our Oslo trip was several years ago now, but I still look back fondly at the time there, despite being sick. I particularly remember this moment, watching the boats on the docks. The setting Autumn sun, behind the dramatic sky, provided an eery backdrop, and the combination of the light and the watery landscape of the fjord that stretched out into the distance, made it feel like we were standing on the edge of the world. It was like being in a movie, standing at the last outpost of humanity to a distant world.

Of course, in reality, Oslo is far from the edge of the world, but when you were visiting for the first time, the combination of the light, the smell of breeze and the eerie light made it feel that way. As we stood there, a ferry in the distance began to make its approach to the docks. I saw people standing on the edge of the pier, either waiting for it, or just watching like us, and I followed it into berth, taking a sequence of photos along the way. 

I always loved this set of images, particularly the one of the man standing on the edge of the pier as the ferry approached. I came across these again recently as I was going through older images, and I realised that while I had used some before, I had never shared the full sequence, so here it is. 

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