A Sunny Day in Dublin: Street Photo Diary

There was a sudden heat wave here in Dublin over the weekend, and so I took the opportunity to head into the city to shoot some street photography. It’s the beginning of May, and while most of the year is tourist season in Dublin, it begins in earnest at this time of the year. The city was really busy, and so that presented some interesting opportunities for photography, as well as challenges. 

The streets of Dublin city are quite narrow, and so, navigating around large crowds can be quite tricky. This is exacerbated by the numerous large-scale construction projects going on. Having said that, there was still ample opportunity to look for interesting shots. This ended up being one of those “faces in the crowd” type of shoots. This wasn’t really intentional, but just kind of ended up that way, due to the number of people, and the closeness of where I was walking. 

I shot all this on my little Sony A6000, and part of that was for a video I was making for my YouTube channel. I also discussed the more technical side of things on my regular blog, so check that out if you’re interested.

One of the things that occurred to me while shooting, was that people get a bight caught up with street photography always supposed to be telling a story. You often read that when people are talking about the genre, but nobody ever really explains what that means. For me, I think that it’s ok for it to be an interesting image, such as an interesting expression, or interesting looking people. Photography is a visual art after all. Sure, if the opportunity presents itself to tell a story do so, but don’t throw away images just because “the story” may not be obvious. Anyway, just a thought!

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