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A Sunny Day in Dublin: Street Photo Diary

There was a sudden heat wave here in Dublin over the weekend, and so I took the opportunity to head into the city to shoot some street photography. It’s the beginning of May, and while most of the year is tourist season in Dublin, it begins in earnest at this time of the year. The city was really busy, and so that presented some interesting opportunities for photography, as well as challenges. 

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Street Photo Diary: Issue 32 - Quiet Streets & Market Edition

I had set out to shoot some street photography for my companion video series, and I was using an older camera for this shoot. I started off in some of the quite parts of Dublin city, looking for details and any kind of quirky objects or scenes that I might come across. Despite having shot around Dublin city for years, I still find all the little things you can see hidden in plain sight quite interesting.

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Street Photography Diary: Issue 16

Summer has come to Ireland, and unusually we're having a prolonged spell of good weather. The up side of that, for the photographer is that with it comes some really nice light, at least if you know where to look. The other advantage, well for me anyway, is that it makes me get out. I fond it hard to look outside and see the beautiful sunshine, and not take my camera and go outside.

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