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Posts in Dublin
Street Photo Diary Issue 35: Black and White in Dublin

It was a bank holiday weekend here in Dublin this weekend, and as is traditional at the start of August, many people were away on holidays. The result of this is that the city was unusually quiet. I had headed out to shoot an episode of my “Street Photo Diary” companion video series and while I normally complain about how busy it is, for once it was nearly too quiet.

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Concrete, Glass & Steel

I’ve always been quite fond of textures and patterns. I find that, even in the seemingly harsh and cold medium of concrete and glass there can be beauty. I spent a few hours the other day in one of the newest parts of Dublin City, where there are lots of modern buildings as well as ongoing construction, and the light was just right to really emphasis the aesthetics of these elements.

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Summer Growth in the City

I've always been fascinated by the changing seasons. When in the depths of winter it's hard to imagine that the bare trees were ever burdened down with leaves. In the summer it's hard to imagine that they were ever bare. This year, the winter seemed particularly long, and so, when summer finally came around, the explosion of growth seemed especially dramatic.

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